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Insurance & Protection

We have a range of protection insurances to meet most of your needs. We will assess your requirements and recommend suitable protection for you, your family and home.
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Life Insurance

How would your family be coping if you died yesterday?

Life Insurance provides a way for people who want to help protect against the impact of death or terminal illness.

The policy can provide a lump sum which could be used to help pay your outstanding mortgage or to help protect a family’s lifestyle and everyday living expenses.
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Income Protection

If Illness or injury stops you from working or reduces your earnings, an income Protection Policy can help alleviate the impact of your income gap by providing a monthly benefit to cover your living expenses.
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Unemployment Cover

Unemployment Policy covers you in the event of you losing your job, through involuntary redundancy.

The policy will pay out a monthly benefit which can be used to support your living expenses and give you the time to search for a new job.
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Critical Illness Cover

Can you or your family cope if you suffered Critical Illness?

Critical Illness provides cover in the event of diagnosis of a serious illness. The policy pays out a lump sum on diagnosis a Critical Illness covered by the insurer, and can be used for any purpose, such as paying off a mortgage, adapting a home to make it comfortable for the insured.  

Children’s Critical illness cover is often included in the policy, which provides the assurance of knowing that your children are also, protected.
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Mortgage Payment Protection

This type of cover is designed to help protect against the financial impact of your incapacity on you or your family’s lifestyle.

The policy usually pays out a regular monthly sum if you can’t work due to incapacity caused by an illness or an injury, which results in a loss of earnings.

This vital protection can help towards the cost of your monthly mortgage payment, associated insurances and a percentage to cover your everyday living expenses, providing peace of mind while you continue to recover.
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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Can you Afford not to have Buildings & Contents cover?

Buildings insurance covers the fabric of the actual building and the cost of damage to the structure of your property. This includes the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. Outdoor structures such as garages and fences are also included.

Contents insurance covers the items in your home which are not fitted to the main structure of the building such as clothes, appliances, furniture, jewellery and other items of value.